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Who we are, and how we do it!

Rath Racing is more than just a company with a logo. It's a family with a deep history of hand crafting raw metal into championships through perseverance. It s a brand of supporting others succeed in their dreams, with a passion unsurpassed by any. They built their reputation on commitment, dedication, experience and integrity - the true traits of a champion. Through blood, sweat, and tears there are triumph successes and struggles alike in our sport, but it is about a company that has never left the sideline, but became even more dedicated to it. A company that believes that "Made in America" is a way of life and not an advertising gimmick. Because at the end of the day the checkered flag may wave, but it is not the end you see it is just the beginning of the next challenge and you have to keep your eye on the prize and never let off the throttle.


The Beginning- A passion for racing. Growing up with a father having a love for things with motors it only made sense for him to present his son with the opportunities to do the same. He brought Daryl home a three wheeler and the foundation of what is today was started. Daryl rode almost daily at such a young age on a dirt track built in the back yard, he showed promise almost immediately. That lead to the desire to compete, which happened for the first time on a 1983 Honda 200X. After a few years he graduated to a four wheelers, which he continues to race today. Eventually, Daryl went to college to earn a degree as a tool and die machinist.


Early Years of Rath Racing – How and why was this company started?

Rath Racing was started by one individual; Daryl Rath. Through his dedication and hard work he took a hobby- a passion for racing and built a company around it. The aftermarket industry in the mid 80’s was not like it is now and Daryl had to learn how to fix and create his own components for his machine. Daryl took all of his knowledge of quads and developed his own line of professional racing components. Once his products showed up at the track on winning quads the orders started coming in. After a few years it was clear the demand for products has grown and it was time to expand, add some employees and continue to develop and design new products to keep up. Even while building Rath Racing; Daryl has continued to race competitively.

2004 Rath Racing Expansion

Rath Racing Expands- A growing and innovative aftermarket ATV components company.
Today, the ATV industry is exploding, and Rath Racing is in high demand! Rath Racing has been around for many years, therefore you know that the quality and performance are proven, unlike other companies that have started in the past couple years. Rath Racing holds the prestigious title of being the only company to offer racer designed, built and tested line of products.

When Daryl goes to the line not only is he racing, he is testing his own line of high performance race components. As the demand for Rath Products continue we strive to keep bringing you the quality parts you are looking for. Rath Racing Incorporated is proud to announce the opening of it’s brand new production facility in Oct 2006. This newly expanded facility houses the machinery and tools necessary to make professional quality racing products, and a new retail store front. Rath Racing has now introduced itself online to bring the fastest and lightest enhancements to more of this nation's race enthusiasts. Most of these upgrades can be purchased at Rath Racing's headquarters, located in Hutchinson, MN. Stop in and take a look around! This newly expanded facility houses the machinery and tools necessary to make professional quality racing products.

Rath Racing New Facility November 2006

With Rath Racing growing, our building has too! In November 2006, Rath Racing new facility opened we have increased our production capabilites along with adding a design and fabrication room. We also added some retail spacein the new building, we now have a showroom floor full of aftermarket accessories. We carry products for quads, dirtbikes, snowmobiles and 4X4s.


ATV Racing Products

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